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UniSlot™ Modular Gondolas are designed for retailers requiring a flexible merchandising solution in the centre of their store. Ideal for larger stores such as sportswear, fitness supplements and even department stores, UniSlot Modular Gondolas are easy to assemble and maximise your retail space. 

With structural safety taking first place, the UniSlot™ Modular Gondola system features fully welded end frames and integrates with the robust UniSlot™ Freestand system for long gondola runs.

1455mm high gondolas can be built in bay width of 600,900 and 1200mm as required and custom timber back panels can be added to provide product clarity and store theming. Castors can be added to short runs of your UniSlot™ Modular Gondola for mobility and to assist in cleaning. 

Accessorise your UniSlot™ display with a range of hangrails, crossbars, shelves, straight arms, prongs, pelmets and back panels. 

Metal accessories available in white, black and chrome. 

Premium Australian wood used by our cabinetmaker in Queensland.
UniSlot Modular Gondola

Where to use the UniSlot™ Modular Gondola


  • Sportwear stores
  • Fitness supplements shops
  • Department stores

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How to Assemble your UniSlot™ Modular Gondola

  • Insert the provided glides into the threaded holes on the underside of the feet.
  • Slide the UniSlotpost over the foot spigot. The two flat metal plates may need to be squeezed together.

The setup of your joining beams depends on the height of the display you are creating. 

  • Clip the base joining beam into the second lowest keyholes between two posts. The bolt holes on the ends of the base joining beam should line up with the threaded holes on the side of the posts.
  • Clip the joining beams into the top keyholes on the posts. The quantity of joining beams used per bay is specified below.
  • Add extra bays as required.
  • Secure each joining beam with the provided allen-head bolts.
  • Secure the post to the foot at the end of the run of bays with 2 x allen-head bolts.
  • Using a spirit level, adjust the glides on the display to ensure it is standing vertical and even across varying surfaces.

UniSlot™ accessories

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