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Shop design in a nutshell.

What is shop design?

/noun/ the art or process of designing a retail shop, including floor layout, buyer behaviour, retail psychology, display fixtures and visual merchandising.

Is shop design expensive?

We’ll cover two points here.

1. The art of shop design is not expensive – it’s a learned skill and one that needs to be applied every day in your shop to ensure you are attracting, engaging and converting customers. This comes down to the smallest things – the position of your merchandisers, your signage and even the quality of your lighting.

2. The process of shop design can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Can you design my shop?

With our retail experience and technical abilities, we  can assist with designing your shop. Starting with our own shopfitting systems, we use CAD software to provide realistic models and plans. With this convenience, you have the liberty to perfect your ideas and bring your retail dream to reality.

We only work with fashion, footwear, homewears, sporting goods and related industries.

Is shop design really that important for me?

The short answer is yes. If you own or manage any type of bricks ‘n’ mortar store, the only way for your business to thrive in today’s fierce market is with well-executed shop design. 

10 essential elements of great retail design.

Creating an immersive experience for your customers doesn’t have to be hard. If you can quickly attract, engage and provide them with a rich experience, they’re sure to return and recommend you to others. Here are some simple tips to consider in the design of your shop.

Our shop design process.

1. Understanding your needs

The first and most critical step in any project is gaining a clear understanding of your objectives. We want to learn about your products, your customers and what you have found successful in your store. With that information and a knowledge of your requirements, we can provide professional advice to reduce cost to you and maximise the return on any investment.

2. Display system advice

With the information we gather and combined with our experience in the retail industry, we will recommend a shopfitting system for your needs, or 

3. Visualising your ideas

Visualising a shop before you commit to any large capital expenses is a highly recommended move. If you’re struggling to picture how your store will come together, you can seek an interior designer or architect to help you design your space.

Alternatively, Apex Display provides 3D design at very competitive pricing. We will work with you to design your shop using our shopfitting systems, without blowing the budget.

Learn more about our 3D design service here

4. Refining

With majority of the process now complete, it’s time to move on and see your dreams come to life. This step provides time for 

3D design service.

Unfortunately one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to shop design. Architects and interior designers charge high fees and often design merely on aesthetics. Being in the retail industry for 40+ years, we understand the importance of engaging, functional and cost-effective retail displays. Without blowing the budget, our 3D design service can help smaller businesses visualise their store before committing to significant capital expenditure.

Once we have been through the initial steps of the shop design process, your vision can be brought to life with CAD modelling and rendering. This small investment will provide you the opportunity to perfect your ideas and give you the utmost confidence in your final decision.


A job well planned is a job well done. Getting inspiration, discussing ideas and choosing a functional shopfitting system is step one.
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3D modelling

To get you started, we will begin modelling your design with our shopfitting systems and displays.
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