Why Apex Display?

Apex Display is a nationwide retail supplier driven by a customer service culture, which is inspired by a family spirit. Through the years, Apex Display has developed a realm of products that are suited to any retail sphere across the country.

We start small with the Tagging and Pricing Equipment, and then work through the retail shop to Product Merchandisers, Carry Bags, Mannequins, Display Cabinets and Counters, right through to the shop fittings. The vast range of Shop Fittings include UniSlot, Slotwall, MAXe, Slotmesh, Concealed Stripping, Slotted Stripping, Kupo, Cable Systems and Wire Shelving.

And ‘There’s more in store’. If you require something new and different, share your dream with us and we can start designing.

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Our Happy Customers

Excellent quality, sturdy design ... plus a lot of workable space to label / insert your own branding!

Yeh great.

I love the product.

Sit well in our stands and very clear, clean, and quick service