Meet the Team

Phil Reoch

An enthusiastic and dedicated leader who has been with Apex Display since its inception. His loyalty and commitment to the company are a testament to the service we provide. All up, Phil has been in the retail industry for 30+ years leaving him with an extensive knowledge bank and know-how. His three decades of experience provides our company with a priceless advantage when it comes to creating brilliant but cost effective solutions for our clients.


Steve Reoch

Ambitious and opportunistic, Steve is an inspirational leader who embraces each challenge with open hands. His initiative, innovative talent and inner desire to achieve provides the energy to forge ahead. Steve works tirelessly to bring the company vision to life through motivating the team and ensuring they continue to deliver above and beyond client’s expectations. 


Carl Reoch

Meticulous and hard-working, Carl works closely across various departments. His consistent endeavour for perfection ensures clients are rewarded with excellent outcomes.  Between drafting proposals for clients, assisting with marketing activities or lending a hand in the warehouse, Carl is always committed to the satisfaction of each client and ultimately the success of the company.


Carla Thomas

Carla is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure a seamless ordering process for our clients. From the time of order, she ensures clients are updated and informed of their expected delivery. She is a quiet achiever with a cheery and friendly personality. Carla balances her time between product procurement and customer service.


Elise Reoch

A light hearted and willing team player who dedicates her time to ensuring Apex Display maintains a consistently high standard of customer service. With a methodical approach to everything she does, Elise works tirelessly to ensure a positive experience and satisfaction of our clients. Elise also keeps a keen eye on her finance and administrative roles, ensuring all records are kept in order.


Kelsey Archer

Design is her passion and creativity is what drives her. Kelsey uses her CAD Modelling skills to bring our client’s ideas to reality. She plays an integral role in designing marketing material and also lends a hand with customer service duties. Kelsey is a keen and motivated worker and always has a new idea to bring to the table.


Annie Reoch

Annie’s creativity and organisation ensures every task she’s involved in is completed quickly and efficiently. She’s a real go-getter and plays an essential role in overseeing marketing activities. In between times, she lends a hand with phone answering and helps clients in the showroom with her bubbly and outgoing personality.


Clayton Sheehan

Clayton is always on a mission. Whether assisting with a manufactured custom product, unloading a container or delivering an order, he is always on the move. He is dedicated to completing tasks on time and his innovative mindset ensures tasks are done in the most efficient way possible. Clayton dedicates the majority of his time assisting Michael with custom manufacturing.


Braden Reoch

Braden manages the warehouse operations to ensure orders are delivered efficiently and on-time. Braden’s consistency and perfectionism ensure every order leaves the warehouse in meticulous manner. Being fully conversant with all types of technology Braden is never short of a new idea or a better way to do something.


Michael Kostric

Michael is a happy and jovial team player who always takes extreme pride in his work. He uses his wealth of experience in cabinetry to produce stunning custom solutions for our clients. Michael manages the in-house manufacturing for projects big and small and his eye for perfection always ensures a flawless result.