Case Study - Black Jacket Suiting

Ryan Fisher decided that after 6 years as a store manager for a menswear store, he was ready to go out on his own. Black Jacket Suiting came into existence because, in Ryan’s words, “I gain great satisfaction from being able to help people look and feel their best in any given situation.”

In his research, he came across Apex Display and was impressed at the “very knowledgeable advice and suggestions in line with my conceptions for the store fit-out”. Then he discovered he was able to set up the fit-out himself, and substantially save on fitters’ fees. Ryan realised he had found the shopfittings supplier that was able to provide this balance better than anyone else was.

The diverse range of products available at Apex Display further sparked Ryan’s imagination. He was especially impressed that he could carry the ‘Black Jacket’ colour theme throughout the shop. Apex Display supplied a variety of items such as Slotwall, torsos and glass showcases.

So what does the future hold for Ryan and Black Jacket suiting? He sees the store “Eventually moving into a national base with other stores in different major cities down the east coast."

"We also plan to redefine the way current suiting is sold online, where clients will be able to have size profiles kept and fully altered products sent without the need to leave their own home.”

This fits well with his mission: "offering the highest level of personalised sincere service at the most affordable prices”.And as he says, “I am a firm believer in ‘if you look your best on the outside you will feel your best on the inside’. “ – We say the same about the shop-fit!