Variety Living

Variety Living: A fresh look for a new beginning

Variety Living is a bespoke giftware and homewares shop in Coorparoo, Brisbane. After spending three years in a busy mall, Brenda, the owner, opted to move to a space with some more flexibility and opportunities. The new stand-alone store had less window exposure but more floor space, while the building featured high brick walls. Brenda knew her store had to reflect her product range while embracing the feel of the new location. Moving Variety Living to a new site with a different environment, required a complete reassessment of how to showcase products in the store. Variety Living needed a fresh look to start anew.

Walls in retail premises are valuable assets. If well used, they can make a strong visual statement in a store and capture customers’ attention as soon as they walk through the doors. They can communicate your store identity and overall tone. Brenda knew she had to make the most of the long and high walls in her new store. She used the large space and contrasting elements to create a unique vibe. By displaying items at different heights and creating focal points throughout the shop, the owner reduced the ‘linearity’ and monotony of the white brick walls “. This is my favourite new thing in the store”, explains Brenda, referring to the Gallery Rail System. “The art was always very difficult to merchandise, and it gives us so many options”. The store uses the Gallery Rail System to highlight some of her products, such as artwork and other statement pieces. Merchandise, presented in such a way, is highlighted and drawing customers visually.

The long walls needed strong and flexible shelving to display Variety Living’s large product range. “When we had this wall to fill we knew we needed loads of shelving”, says Brenda. She first thought of installing Slatwall. She soon realised that what might have made a high impact in her previous location could not work in the new space. The height of the walls and the industrial look of the bricks were not ideal for this display system. In this instance, this shopfitting favourite would not reflect the new style of the bespoke boutique. Instead, Brenda turned to UniSlot™ Wallmount.

UniSlot™ Wallmount is a sturdy and elegant display system that blends in with the new store decor. The structure pairs beautifully with the bricks, emphasising the sought-after quirky look Variety Living wanted to portray. Overall the UniSlot™ range is an innovative shop fitting system. It allows a great deal of flexibility with a wide range of accessories and options. For Brenda, there is no doubt it was the way to go in her situation: “It’s super strong, and it just looks very clean”.

Variety Living’s unique street appeal and convenient location opposite a busy mall in Brisbane, in addition to Brenda’s creative window and in-store displays, attract many passer-by’s in addition to her loyal customer following.

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