Ralph Lauren

Fashion label seeking flexible floor displays

Ralph Lauren is a world-renowned, American fashion label. The iconic brand is synonymous with timeless design, impeccable quality and the utmost attention to detail. Ralph Lauren Australia recently entrusted Apex Display with two new pop-up outlets in Liverpool, NSW and Bundoora, Victoria.  They were looking for an alternative to their traditional retail fitouts that would facilitate a quick and easy shop-fit while preserving the quality standards of the brand. Ralph Lauren wanted to showcase different merchandise within the same unit using different configurations. They needed an outstanding level of flexibility.      


So, when Ralph Lauren discovered the innovative and versatile UniSlot range, they knew it was the perfect answer to their expectations. UniSlot combines flexibility and style, offering the extensive functionality Ralph Lauren were looking for. This system would also make refreshing and merchandising their displays according to seasonal changes a breeze. 

Ralph Lauren Australia were particularly impressed with the versatility of the UniSlot H-frame gondola compared to other options in the market. The additional slotted post in the centre of the frame considerably increases the array of options available. The UniSlot H-frame gondola allows retailers to showcase their products in countless layouts using accessories such as hangrails, crossbars and forward-facing arms, timber shelves and more. The ability to coordinate merchandise with complementary accessories on the same side gives retailers greater merchandising flexibility and presents a perfect opportunity to upsell. 

Versatility was a key consideration for Ralph Lauren when opening their new outlets. UniSlot’s easy-to-assemble and modular shopfittings enabled the install team to set up the entire shop in just one day. This proved to be both a huge time and cost saver, getting the stores trading faster than ever before.

Ralph Lauren needed a “silent achiever”- a shopfitting system that would reflect the quality of their garments without stealing the show. Display shelving and racking should never detract from the products they showcase. One of the most significant challenges in visual merchandising is to be able to make a difference in all simplicity; it is only noticeable if missing. With it’s modern and timeless appeal, Ralph Lauren opted for the UniSlot Cube. The slotted post system offered a similar level of versatility to that of the H-frame Gondolas.

The completed pop-up outlets couldn’t have looked better (see pictures).  Ralph Lauren Director of Retail Operations Australia, Marlin Hana, says “the stores look amazing”.

Setting up a store as a retailer can be a daunting process. It can cause a lot of stress, but Apex Display is here to help. We have over 40 years of experience in the industry which gives us invaluable insight and knowledge. “Apex made these two setups so easy for our entire team”, shares Ms Hana. We have your success at heart and there is nothing so pleasing as to hear another happy customer’s story while waiting for yours.

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