There’s certainly no lack of creative talent in Brisbane. Here’s some pictures of this year’s Seasonal Window displays spied along Latrobe Terrace, Paddington. 

Happiness Place - Latrobe Terrace Paddington

HAPPINESS PLACE – “More is more”, a reindeer draped in baubles, non-traditional colours….

Thousand Island Dressing

THOUSAND ISLAND DRESSING – Lots of light, acid colours, tall thin trees….

Even the Streets are festively decorated

Other great shop windows along this street for you to check out and gain inspiration from: 
•    Blake & Taylor – Sparkly lights on modernist mini-trees, chalk marker script on the windows
•    Atelier Australia – Blue-white Lights, Parrots perching on the tree, a  customized torso in seasonal green and red accessories
•    Du Monde – a warm inviting couch with oversized baubles in one window, and a taxidermied deer in the other.
•    Green Tangerine. – A wreath in liquid chalk on the window framing a tropical/ethnic decorated tree, surrounded by hanging ferns…. Interesting!

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