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Author: Apex Team   Date Posted: 14 February 2018

As of 1 July 2018, the Queensland Government will be enforcing a state-wide ban on single use lightweight plastic bags. This ban will impact all retailers large and small.

It is import...

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Author: Apex Display   Date Posted: 29 January 2015

These days everyone knows that you should have some products at the counter for impulse buys, but not everyone knows how to do it strategically. In 2002, a study was made which found that almost one-third of customers make unplanned purchases every week. You want to make sure you're seeing your s...

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Author: Apex Display Webteam  

Have you ever wondered what certain words actually mean in the retail and visual merchandising world? We’ve compiled a list of some definitions of commonly used, but less commonly understood terms. Bookmark this page and come back when you need to refresh your memory!

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By: on 5 October 2018
Nice inforamtion about Boutique... thank you

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