Bella Doll Boutique - Maroochydore

The owners at Bella Doll Boutique decided to keep it simple by using just black UniSlot Wallmount PostsBlack H-Frame Gondolas and Black Side HangrailsCrossbars and Faceout ArmsThe simplicity and clean lines of this store makes it a statement piece! They have cleverly set out the store to ensure the flow works smoothly and the smart window front dressings lure any passer-by into this store.  The owners appreciated coming into our showroom on numerous occasions to look at our Shopfitting displays.

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Do you think this shopfit could work perfectly in your store? Every journey starts with a single step, and in shopfitting all successful stores start with a small idea.

Create your dream with the products that we used in this project, and add others from our entire range to make your shop uniquely yours.

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